Diary After 11 February 2014

Published February 25, 2014 by Rajman Saket

12/02/2014 Wednesday

Good morning friends!
in the morning I was about to go Sarai as was already planned but unfortunately I was called not to come.
I did my home work and get engaged in study. News on air, tv today network, newspapers, radio, listened to music, utv etc including fb chat, twitter chat and google plus chat.that’s all. VICTORY TO MOTHER GODDESS DHANUJA!

13/02/2014 THURSDAY

Good morning friends! After completing my morning routine got ready to go Sarai. Weather is fogy and rainy. Its feel cold, I went to sarai at 11 am and reached there at 12pm. Submit Patwari Order and 1000 rs to Buburam as Patwari did not come today. Returned to home at 4 pm and just after getting ready to go market, Ramadhar Saket came to my home and we bothe left to market by bicycle. Rd and i bought two shirts worth Rs. 500 as my shirt costs Rs. 300 and Rd’s shirt costs Rs 200. At 5pm chhotelal Panika met in the market, i got my hair cut by Rajkumar barber from Sarratold. We backed to home at 7 pm. Day was nice, cold, rainy and fogy. Tv today network, newsorair, bbc hindi, twttr, g pls and fb chating. That’s all. Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanuja!

14/02/2014 Friday

Good Mornind friends!
Oh! Today is rainy day, fogy and cold day. Today is Valentine’s Day. Intresting news- Delhi CM, at 8 pmt resigned from Cm post because of stoping Lok Pal Bill to be passed by the assembly by bjp and inc mla’s. Bjp said- Black Friday, Congress said- Dark Friday, AAP said- Love Day or Valentine’s Day. Only 49 days covers Delhi Govt., oath on- 28 Dec.2013 . Studied, tv today network,air news, movies, listened to music, twtr, g pls and fb chating.
Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanuja!

15/02/2014 Saturday
Good Morning friends! Weather is same as was yesterday. Cold, fogy and rainy is today. Net,fb, search and g pls including twtr in the morning after finishing my morning routine. Studied CSAT-1 ,NEWS, NEWSONAIR, BBC HINDH-DINBHAR PHONE-IN PROGRAMME BBC indiat bole.. EVENING READIN., movie watching- KASAM. DAY WAS NICE AND RAINY. Some friends met nd conversation held. A couple, from Bharseda came in the morning to search girl to marry. I replied them to send their boy prima facie. Thats all for today. Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanuja!

16/02/2014 Sunday

Good Morning friends! Somewhat day is still cold and rainy. Completed my homework in the morning including morning routine. Net, fb chat, twtr, g plus and search. Gs , news, current affairs, newson air, bbc hindi, tv today network. Some friends met, chated with them. Evening study, english language vocabulary and tv serial- Babul ka Sapna. That’s all. Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanuja.

17/02/2014 Monday
Good Morning friends! Got up in the early morning and finished my morning routine. Net, fb, twtr, news, gk or gs, news on air, radio, listened to music, some friends met, evening chating with friends, evening gk study. That’s all. Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanuja.

18/02/2014 Tuseday
Very Good Morning friends!
Hi today day is nice actually, fine friends, net, fb, twtr, g pls, study gk gs, english , chating with friends, walking, vocabulary, some confusions, rest is ok, nothing especial. That’s all. Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanujag!

19/02/2014 Wednesday
good morning friends! Got up in the early morning and finished my all works. Today I went to Sarai to meet Patwari. I got Bus to Sarai very hardly at 2:3pm and reached Sarai at 3pm. I met Patwari, halka Barka,Brahspati. I hand over him- Copy of Khasara, Lease Profile and Patwari Order. Came back home at 7pm. Net, fb chat, study for sometime and got sleep at 11pm. Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanuja!

20/02/2014 Thursday
Very Good morning friends! Geting up in d early morning finished my homeworks and morning routines. Study, fb chat, twtr etc. Went to meet Ramrasheele Jaiswal with Raj Kumar Saket at 3 pm. Rasheele’s son made us seated and I ramg rasheele as he had gone somewhere. When he came we talked about plot nos. 190 and 192 which is land of Piprahwa captured by my grand parents and is still captured but Ramrasheele has leased it secretely, furtively and by means of bribing during Horble Tehsildar Beer Bhanani in Teh. Deosar. Rasheel said ‘ I will not take your land, all happened mistakely, I will cancelled the illegal lease as soon as possible by meeting Patwari’. He also said tha – he has bought 3 acres of land from a Barber and he only wants that but doesn’t want land. In the market, Radheshyam Kushwaha, Panchdeo Kushwaha, Avdharaj Singh, Ashok Singh and Ramadhar Saket met. At 7pm i reached hom. Evening study, fb,net, twtr, news etce. ‘Victory to Mother Goddess Dhanuja’.

21/02/2014 Friday
Good Morning friends! Finished my whole morning works and studied for sometimes. Chated with some friends met. Net, fb, twtr, g plus etc used today.Evening walking, mathematics studied and english vocabulary and general General knowlede. That’s all today. And today, Bhagvat Geeta preaching started in Barka

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